Hello, my name is Orsoly. Welcome on my homepage, which is prepared to present my teabag collection. I have always been a fan of nice, colorful papers. So when I got a nice teabag, I kept it. I did not buy, I did not search for new ones, I was just simply happy when I got one. I clearly remember my first piece, and the person I got it from, and that I asked her not to throw it away but to give it to me as this is sooooo beautiful. :) I kept my teabags in an old tea-box first, but it became too small with time, and then a bigger box became soon too small. :) After a while I organized my collection into a nice album, and nowadays the albums themselves are prepared by myself. I have been collecting teabags for 15 years, with a lot of long breaks. Teabag Meeting in 2012 was like a new start. I changed a lot of nice teabags. It came into my mind that organzing them digitally would be useful too. On my homepage you can find ca. 95% of my collection and also my teabags available for exchange. If you feel interested, take a look around. In case you would like to change, click on the "exchange" tab. To get in contact with me please check my availabilities on the below right hand side. Enjoy exploring this webpage!